Read up to 3 chapters of books from author Michelle Hoppe. Michelle writes laugh-out-loud stories about family life, poetry, chick lit, steamy paranormal romances, and erotic contemporary romance books that will have you reaching for the AC.

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The jOYs of Life, Book 1

A laugh-out-loud look into the ups and downs of raising a family while attempting to become an author. Take a peek into the family life of the Hoppe clan and discover how Michelle turned oys into jOYs…or at least delightfully funny stories.
Word Count: 31,000 | Heat Level: 0

Hart's Heart

Takes a journey to a hidden world in where men control all things, but a lady's passion triumphs over all!
Word Count: 17,500 | Heat Level: 4

Forever Caspia

A traitor king. A family in turmoil. He was born a Merman but raised as human, and now...his life is about to change again! This paranormal erotic romance author an exciting tale of subterfuge and evil lurking beneath the waves of the Caspian Sea.
Word Count: 41,000 | Heat Level: 4

The Diner

A laugh-out-loud tale of what happens when a twenty-six year-old virgin finds a man who just might be...the one! From the first kiss to making love, two best friends share their hopes, dreams, and the fears of getting naked in front of a man and doing 'it' wrong!
Word Count: 16,000 | Heat Level: 4

Club Belle Tori

Coming October 2016

Hues of Dark and Light (Illustrated)

Exquisite poetry, written with fire and passion. The poems found in this book come from the heart and contain the love, laughter, anguish, and tears experienced by someone who loves deeply, lives life on full throttle, and gives her heart, mind, and soul to every aspect of life. Author Michelle Hoppe presents an illustrated edition of poetry and photography that will touch your heart
Word Count: 15,000 | Heat Level: 1


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  • 0 = General Audience - 13+
  • 1 = General Audience - 16+
  • 2 = Sensual love scenes - 17+
  • 3 = Explicit love scenes, adult language - 18+
  • 4 = Graphic love scenes, adult language and situations - 18+
  • 5 = Graphic love scenes, adult language, subject matter some readers may consider objectionable - 18+